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Roger would love to hear from you. However due to the large volume of mail, Roger cannot respond personally to every request, if you would like to leave him a message we suggest you leave a message in the Guestbook.  Please note:  all entries in to the Guestbook will be public and viewable by all website guests.  Thanks.

Professional Inquires, Booking Information
for Roger Whittaker

Bruce Lahti

E-Mail TemboUSA@aol.com

Please do not use this e-mail address to request autographs, song lyrics, album locating, or song titles. Mr. Lahti does not have this information and is unable to help with these requests. Thank you

Press and Interview Requests
for Roger Whittaker

Howard Elson  Promotions
16 Penn Avenue,
Buckinghamshire HP5 2HS
Tel: (44) 1494 785 873 and 1494 784760 (& facsimile)
Mobile: + 44 7768 196310
Email:  HElson1029@aol.com



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