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Dear Friends all over the world


With all terrible international news, natural catastrophes  it has been hard for me to write …However in the middle of all the mayhem, on January 24th we had a wonderful ray of sunshine…the arrival of MOLLY KRISTENSEN WHITTAKER .  She is divine and Guy and Mette are in seventh heaven, as are all the family.  We couldn’t get over until she was 4 weeks old, but we stayed for 10 days after Roger came back from Germany, and stayed with all the children and grandchildren… those days blew away all the dark clouds.


Unfortunately my photography skills arent very good, and I couldn’t get a really good group photo of all the grandchildren!!  But Emily and Stewart hosted a fantastic family lunch on the Saturday.  The noise level was something special and our ears are still ringing!  Everybody was there except poor James (Jessica’s husband) who was away lecturing.



Emily and Stewart have, apart from James and Milo, two cats, two dogs, 6 guineapigs and the new arrivals, 2 Daywoos (don’t know how to spell it, but they are little tiny rodents from South America and move like lightning and the cats are ‘fascinated’ and spend their time with their noses pressed up against the cage wire.  On our last night before flying home, Roger and I met, by chance a Kenya Airways pilot, H. Ogutu Kadieda and we reminisced on Roger’s Kenya days and the making of the Musical Safari  and his beautiful home country he misses so much.


Back home Roger is busily preparing for the tour with Ian Fieldsend  and Michael Hagel, so he is fairly swamped with work.  We have had a sudden influx of messages from Russia in particular, and any one who can shed a light on how and why this has suddenly happened please let us know.  In the meantime ‘welcome’ to all those who have just discovered the website, and I hope that through the  guest book you will all make  new friends all over the world!


As far as appearances before the tour please note in your diaries that MDR will be airing a 75th Birthday special on the 25th March  at 8.15 to 9.45 German time – so if viewing from the UK or Ireland it will be an hour earlier.  Also the special CD and DVD will released on the 25th March and will be available on Amazon.


I know that a lot of people can view this outside Germany through Sky, so try and find it!   Then as you will probably know, again in Germany, Roger will appear on the Florian Silbereisen show  “Das Fruhlingsfest de Volksmusik”  on ARD at 8.15 pm.on April 9th  and of course the release of the Best Of album on the 25th with two new titles on it .  Although it is mainly German titles it is a real collectors item, with two new songs.


It is very sad that Vicky and Rory cant make it for the last tour, after all the wonderful work they do for the Fan Club, but I hope they have a wonderful holiday, and we will think of them on their travels.  I know this is the last tour, but Roger has already said that he will do special Galas in the future and will be recording another German album for 2012 and also a completely new English album.


 We will not be able to move to France until the winter as my bone problems have to be attended to in June – which I am not looking forward to, but we will be going to the house there with friends and family in August, for our renewing of vows and my big 70


Ouch!  Where did the decades go?   Decades not years!  Poor France – it will be an Irish invasion for a few days as all the wonderful people, who have helped me here over the years, and neighbours and friends from all over will be gathering  - sorry guys – no Guinness on tap, but I will make sure there is a big supply of cans, so you wont suffer withdrawals!  And there is a street party going on the last night of their visit, which is usually enormous fun with singing and dancing!


Well I must stop and get this out to you all so some of you can outside Germany can try and organise tuning into the two shows.


Sadly I cannot finish before saying Roger and I join with the whole world in prayers for Japan and all the people who have suffered so terribly, and will need all the help they can get for years to come.  The 2004 Tsunami was dreadful and they are still recovering.  The memories will never fade.


With all our love

Natalie and Roger




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