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September  2012 NEWSLETTER

Dear Friends all over the world:

If I were standing in front of you all and hearing grumbles of "so where was the newsletter?" I would be on my knees with apologies, but before I go into the whys and wherefores of my absence and lack of communication, letís get all the good news to you.

Next week sees the release of Roger's absolutely fabulous new album "WUNDER" which in English would be read as 'Miracle' and the title song is a duet with our darling daughter Jessica. There are so many great songs on the album, but you will have to judge for yourselves which are the greatest. It is the 'baby' of Michael Hagel and his co-writer who have read the Roger character so well, and the art of story telling in songs.

I wonít say any more because of course I am biased!!!! And keep watching the website for all the TV appearances he will be making.

While this album was in the making, so many requests for concerts came in to Semmel concerts, that Roger finally agreed to do 10 very special shows in Germany....All the detail are on the website and we really hope you will grab your seats asap and come from all over. As it is spring the weather and countryside should be beautiful, so get together and letís make it one huge party!

My own news and the reasons why you have not heard much from me, were the same old, same old problems on encroaching old age! Within three months of my knee replacement (which has turned out to be less than successful) I started to get a bad back. Within a month I could hardly move, and was sent for an MRI. Unbelievably it showed that a huge cyst had developed on arthritic bone, and was affecting all the nerves in the base of my spine, most especially both legs, and by Christmas I was bent double and could only crawl upstairs.

Luckily our GP managed to find a neurosurgeon who was prepared to chance it, and in January I went under the knife again. I was warned it could possibly re-grow, but for now apart from post-house moving and lifting too much, it is bearable.

To brighten our lives came the news that Guy and Mette are expecting another baby, at the end of October, so Roger and I will take it in turns between TV shows to go over and meet yet another little Whittaker.

The rest of the children are all great. Emily is now concentrating on real estate and just pulled off a great sale, which in the property market at the moment is a good result. They didnít come out this summer as apart from the fact that Roger and I were in a total tangle unpacking and trying to sort out our new home in France, and Jamie was doing his first work experience in the legal profession.

Jessica, Isabella and Max came over and we were so grateful for the local lake as it was incredibly hot. Just after they left we had temperatures over 40 and it was impossible to do anything physical after 10 in the morning. The Alex came out and introduced his girlfriend to the neighborhood and all the beautiful historical villages around us.

The packing up of the house in Ireland and the unpacking left us both a bit drained to say the least...I still donít have any cupboards to unpack into so everything is in cardboard wardrobes, and it will be at least Christmas before I can unpack my huge library when the shelving in finished. The rest of the house is pretty organised but my 'office' is under the stairs! The main office is still in Ireland, and I will be going back to see all my friends and sort that in about November, and Roger will be going back and forth sorting his last studio equipment for France and shipping it over.

The most nerve-wracking part of it all was BORIS who absolutely hates cars and travel of all kinds. Roger and I were a bundle of nerves that he wouldnít survive the journey. But just like kids, as soon as he got in the house, explored etc., he declared it was a very fine KENNEL and immediately sorted out his routine as if he had always lived here. He has made friends with our neighbors dogs, and also, again like small children, has made new friends for me with the locals who think he is wonderful! People who never smiled at me before, greet me warmly, especially as they were all pretty fed up with the mess the rebuilding made for so long.

So here we are, basking in the sun (although winters can be very cold here) with me trying to sort out local taxes etc., the paperwork has proved almost the most difficult thing in the move, but I think I am getting there.

So in two weeks Roger will be on the 'promotion' road and I will continue unpacking all the 'stuff' in the garage. How we have so much I donít know!

Sony, Jesse and Semmel will keep you in touch on the website with events as they happen, and I will update every body with snippets of news, such as the new baby when he or she arrives..

Loads of love to you all and thanks always for your continued support.

Natalie and Roger




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